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Picture of Max Wimberley, IFC President

Max Wimberley President Interfraternity Council

Hi! My name is Max Wimberley, and I am a rising senior in the College of Engineering & Technology. I currently serve as the President for the ECU Interfraternity Council and am a member of Alpha Tau Omega. Before being elected to this role, I previously served as the IFC VP of Marketing in addition to holding two positions within my fraternity’s executive board. Joining Greek Life has been one of the best decisions of my life. Not only have I made lifelong friendships and connections but am now blessed with the opportunity to spearhead the advancement and development of fraternity men on campus and in the community. So far, our administration has set a new standard for academics, philanthropy, professional development, and community engagement and we are excited to continue this mission in the Fall! Go Pirates and Go Greek!




Peyton Hughes, Executive Vice President Interfraternity Council

I am currently a Senior majoring in Construction Management with aspirations of becoming a project manager. I am the Chapter President of the Theta Pi chapter of Kappa Sigma and have been a member of Greek life since my time began here at ECU. I believe it has played a major role in helping me further my career and making me into the person I am today. 









Brendon Mudd, VP of Recruitment
Interfraternity Council



Ethan Wittenborn, VP of Finance, Interfraternity Council


As a member of the council as well as a council-member fraternity, being a part of Fraternity and Sorority Life has provided an opportunity for me to build a relationship with individuals and faculty that I would not otherwise have. As a student who aspires to work a career in medicine, involvement in this community has improved my ability to collaborate with others, think critically, and overall, develop professionally. Regardless of the organization each council member represents, our team continues to maintain a focus on advancement for all member organizations.





David Oden, VP of Membership Development, Interfraternity Council

I joined Fraternity and Sorority Life in the Fall of my freshman year and rushed Sigma Tau Gamma. Sigma Tau Gamma teaches that they are men of principles and hold their brother’s integrity to a high standard. I also learned while joining my fraternity that I could achieve anything that I wanted as long as I applied myself. I decided in the Fall of my sophomore year to run for a position on the IFC Executive Board. Since joining the IFC, I have developed professional and interpersonal skills that I never knew I could gain.  As the Vice President of Member Development and Programs, I have held meetings with all new members from each fraternity, furthering their career development and giving them the tools to succeed in life. I would always recommend entertaining the idea of joining Fraternity and Sorority Life because you never know where it will take you and what you could take away from a brotherhood of like-minded individuals.




Matthew Burley, VP of Communications Interfraternity Council

My Name is Matthew Burley, and I am a rising Senior in the College of Business. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I currently serve as the VP of Communications as well as being the Vice President of the Kappa Xi chapter of Alpha Tau Omega. Joining Frate has given me a very unique college experience that has helped me out immensely. The Academic, Social and Professional development has fully helped me grow and given me the opportunities to achieve my goals in the future.







Chris Kurtiak, VP of Judicial Affairs, Interfraternity Council

As I transferred into the East Carolina family from a community college, I was soon welcomed by the brothers of the Kappa Alpha Order. Ever since, I could not image what college would have been like without Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Aside from all the good experiences Greek life offers, being a part of an organization that shares the same values as myself, it helps you grow and develop into a young adult and provides you with resources, opportunities, and connections to succeed in your future. For example, something I would have never done or had the opportunity to do if I was not involved in Greek life is help represent and serve my fellow students at the school as a leader on the Interfraternity Council.  I wish whoever is reading this to know that everything happens for a reason, stay positive and God loves you!



Dylan Ferrell, VP of Philanthropy Interfraternity Council

My name is Dylan Ferrell. I am a Criminal Justice Major from Raleigh NC. I currently serve as VP of Philanthropy for IFC as well as the Philanthropy Chairman for my chapter, Alpha Tau Omega. IFC has taught me a lot of leadership skills I will be able to apply to my future career endeavors.

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